GXXD is a revolutionary blockchain-powered everyday payments solution. Secure, frictionless, and rewarding with 0% transaction fees for merchants and peer-2-peer payments.

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User Features

Some of our exciting features for customers

GXXD Money

Connect your bank account and credit/debit cards to GXXD quickly and securely


Automatically earn rewards receive promotions and exclusive offers


Use your transaction history to ask a question, share or re-order


A micro-donation from every purchase you make goes to charity

Merchant Features

Unique features for merchants

No More Fees!

GXXD circumvents credit & debit card processing fees using blockchain

CRM Tools

Communicate and grow your relationship with your GXXD customers


Use insights & strategic marketing for your existing and potential customers

Merchant Charity

Donate .5% of all transactions to the charity of your choice

Sign Up For Beta Testing

Beta testing for GXXD will begin soon. If you’d like to participate, please enter your email address below and an invitation to participate will be sent once the beta version is available for iOS and Android download.


Become a Merchant

GXXD is testing for brick & mortar retailers in the Sacramento, California region. We are primarily focused in the midtown grid and the surrounding neighborhoods. If you’re an online retailer, you are welcome to sign up for beta testing as an eCommerce only merchant.